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Podiatric Surgery Center

Some foot problems are best treated or corrected with a surgical procedure. When that is the case, you can rest assured that your doctor at Springwood Podiatry Group is well educated and trained. In addition to graduation from accredited podiatric medical schools, all of our podiatrists have completed post graduate residencies in foot and ankle surgery. Each of our doctors is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (A.B.P.S.), which means that our doctors have been recognized for having achieved the highest level of training, education, and surgical skill.

Through our affiliation with The Podiatric Surgical Center, we are able to offer an accommodative, friendly, and safe alternative to hospital surgery. The Podiatric Surgical Center is licensed by the state of California for conducting day surgery of the foot and ankle. This convenient facility is located at the Hemet, California location and consists of a spacious ambulatory surgical suite, recovery area, waiting area, consultation room, scrub room, and facilities for cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments.

The typical Podiatric Surgical Center patient's day might go something like this: After arriving at the surgical center the patient is lead to a consultation room where necessary paperwork is completed and patient intake is performed by our medical assistants. The patient then has the opportunity to meet with both the anesthesiologist and their doctor and have any remaining questions answered. The patient is then led to the surgical suite where they find a large and comfortable surgical table/chair. The anesthesiologist initiates intravenous fluids and provides mild sedation as necessary. Your doctor then performs a nerve block using local acting anesthetics. This prevents you from feeling any pain during the actual procedure.

Your foot is then prepared for surgery by cleansing with antiseptic solution and a sterile field is created. The procedure is performed, after which you are taken to the recovery room where your recovery is monitored by a registered nurse. Once you have adequately recovered and have been given post-operative instructions you are released to the care of a friend or family member to be taken home. Most patients tell us that the overall experience was much better than they anticipated. The Podiatric Surgery Center is advantageous in that it is convenient, comfortable, cost affective, and safe. Additionally the doctors, nurses, and staff are specialized to the care of the podiatric patient.